8 ways to help coral reefs

This is the second post for coral reef awareness week! If you’ve not read the first one, check it out here. Buy sustainable seafood Did you know that over half of the world’s fisheries are overfished? Sustainable fishing is: Good fishing management that don’t have negative impacts on the environment Stable fish populations NOT overfishingContinue reading “8 ways to help coral reefs”

4 ways that we rely on coral reefs

Hello! This week is coral reef awareness week! I’ve already done a post on the Coral Triangle so I was wondering what to do for this post but I’ve decided to talk about ways in which WE as HUMANS rely on them because I think a lot of people don’t think about that because weContinue reading “4 ways that we rely on coral reefs”

5 ways to help reduce deforestation

Hi, welcome back to my blog! I was having a bit of trouble coming up with what to write about World Rainforest Day. In other ‘world days’ I’ve done facts about whatever we’re celebrating, facts about the actual day….but then I thought about how I want to make a difference and to do that IContinue reading “5 ways to help reduce deforestation”

World Sea Turtle Day

Happy World Sea Turtle Day! Sea turtles are one of my favourite animals so I wanted to make sure that this blog post was a good as I could get it….hence why it’s a day late, Enjoy cx A turtle’s journey Sea turtles make massive journeys, migrating thousands of miles long across the world toContinue reading “World Sea Turtle Day”

The Coral Triangle

I had never heard of the Coral Triangle until I saw that today is Coral Triangle Day so I knew I had to find out more info since I love coral reefs. Here is what I found: What is it? It’s a marine region located in the Pacific Ocean (Southeast Asia) It has a vastContinue reading “The Coral Triangle”

5 devestating facts about our oceans

Happy World Oceans Day! Some of the information I found was from here and here It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean that fish This fact massively shocked me! We NEED to get better at not littering and recycle more, however I reccently read that recycling is NOTContinue reading “5 devestating facts about our oceans”

6 cool facts about World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day! This years theme is biodiversity, it was chosen due to recent events such as the bushfires in Australia, the global pandemic and the millions of species that are in danger. WED was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, the first WED was held in 1973 but the firstContinue reading “6 cool facts about World Environment Day”

Plastic free July

Plastic free July has happened and I loved seeing people getting involved! Reducing the amount of plastic we use is so so important and by having taken part in plastic free July, hopefully, you will have seen that the changes you made are sustainable and that you can continue to do them. Our oceans areContinue reading “Plastic free July”

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