What I think about putting calories on menus

I have tried to write this post so many times in the last few days but I’m just so angry that the government would even consider putting calories on menus that I’m struggling to put it into words! Here it goes. The issue of obesity has been a problem for decades and calories are alreadyContinue reading “What I think about putting calories on menus”

You ARE enough

Do you feel as though you aren’t sick enough? To have an eating disorder, to ask/get help, to have therapy….etc You are! There is no such thing as ‘not sick enough‘ Your eating disorder wants you to think that you aren’t sick enough so that you will give in and lose more weight / exerciseContinue reading “You ARE enough”

5 things to let go of

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I haven’t spoken about my eating disorder recovery, really at all, on this blog. I’m not sure why, because I did created this blog to help anyone who is suffering and to maybe talk about my experience with anorexia (not ready to do that yet). The things listedContinue reading “5 things to let go of”

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