5 things to let go of

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I haven’t spoken about my eating disorder recovery, really at all, on this blog. I’m not sure why, because I did created this blog to help anyone who is suffering and to maybe talk about my experience with anorexia (not ready to do that yet). The things listedContinue reading “5 things to let go of”

5 ways to feel better on a bad day

I started writing this when I was having a bad day. Instead of just having a bad day, I decided to make something out of it and write a post which actually really helped! Have a shower…..so you can cry in peace Having a shower helps me so so much! If I’m having a badContinue reading “5 ways to feel better on a bad day”

My transition to becoming a vegetarian

I am allergic to some nuts, I’m not the biggest milk fan (so have lactose free milk or oat milk when I’m out) and I’m recovering from an eating disorder (almost there!) so it’s slightly harder because I needed to be getting lots of protein. I have wanted to be a vegetarian for years now,Continue reading “My transition to becoming a vegetarian”

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